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【Wedding second party】 ★ Wedding Cake attached 4200 yen → 3700 yen ★ Day & holiday is even 10% OFF !!!!!

【Wedding second party】 ★ Wedding Cake attached 4200 yen → 3700 yen ★ Day & holiday is even 10% OFF !!!!!

3330 yen

(Excluding tax)

  • 15items
  • 30-70persons
All-you-can-drink available

Available days for reservation
Sunday and holidays

A fulfillment plan delivered by various options and benefits Martin Grill !! 120 minutes Party + 60 minutes Prepayment time for a total of 3 hours by the preparatory time! Drinks can be drunk from reception hours so guests participating are allowed to drink 2.5 hours ◎ (This is a congratulation & Sunday limited plan)

Course menu

Cooking example

· Tomato cream soup

· Broiled trot salmon tobacco pasta

· Popular homemade cheese tofu

· Caesar salad with avocado and romaine lettuce

· Grilled grilled fresh vegetables Basil sauce Baked sauce ham

· Pasta 1: chicken and rucola pepperoncino salad

· Pasta 2: squid menta cream pasta

· Specialty Tamadimi grill burger or special roast beef

· Sour cream and chili sauce wedge potatoes

· Luxurious! Home Made Wedding Cake

There are 15 great benefits where everything you need is available !!

1, preparation time 1 hour 2, preparation room in the hall 3 full, waiting room (2 F · separate entrance) 4, preparation for the bride and groom · reception seat 5, Cheki lending 6, Bingo machine lending 7, 100 inch projector 8, 32 inch Monitor 9, DVD player 10, wired complete 11, microphone rent 12, sound equipment 13, lighting staff 14, cork board & easel loan 15, partnering cheap rental costume

All-you-can-drink menu

· Draft beer (Asahi Super Dry, Black, Half & Half) Bottled Beer
·Red and white
· Cassis Orange, Kalua Milk, Gin Tonic, Passoa Grapefruit etc. You can order original cocktail with your favorite liqueur and split
· Rock, water split, high ball
· Shochu
· Potato shochu (rock, water split) Wheat shochu (rock, water split) In addition, variety of fruit liquor was enriched ★
· Cold, heather
·Soft drink
· Orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, cola, ginger ale, oolong tea

2018/12/11 update